A_24 Residential and Design Studio


Project Description

A_24 is the code name for the renovation of a 1960’s apartment at antinoros 24 in Athens. The idea for the 54 sq. m.  property is to create a functional multi-use space as well as to illuminate it with natural light. The schedule of this apartment is to accommodate the Architect’s living space and studio, followed by the futures use of an architectural office.

Design Philosophy

The project required a low-cost budget. To achieve this goal, we also kept and replaced most of the existing materials such as the marble and timber flooring, the wall tiling of the WC and the kitchen bench. We kept also the timber window frame and replace the single glazing panels with low energy parts. We chance the compartmentation to an open plan looking by demolishing some of the walls. This is the part of the design’s influences of Rietveld House in Utrecht and the amazing example of having a big space transitioned to small individual spaces. The transformation of this space is realized with a wooden sliding door and the colored glazed partition. 



Project Details

LOCATION: Pagrati, Athens GR

AREA: 54 sq.m.


Construction: 2019

CLIENT: the own architect