Athesn Velo BIKE SHOP, voula-Attica

Project Description

Athens Velo is the first retail project of the practice. We ‘ve been involved to design an attractive bike shop next to a popular busy road of southeast of Athens. Our task was to establish design principals to natural elements and industrial productivity. Those principals aim to follow the modern design of a bike shop which resembles an exhibition gallery more than a typical retail shop. The property’s area is almost 110 sq.m. and the orientation is north/south with very limited natural light on winter days.

Design Philosophy

The bicycle is an efficient machine which comes from the ashes of industry. Humans can cycle almost everywhere in the world and in any kind of terrain, especially natural.   

Catching the basic elements of industry and nature, we adapt them to the project. The design combines metal and wood as the key elements of this transition!  

Project Details

LOCATION: Voula, Attica GR

AREA: 110 sq.m.


Construction: 2018

CLIENT: Noel Camateras