B-SIDE Residential Apartmens

Project Description

The proposal is about a modern apartment building located in a quiet residential area off the city centre. The urban fabric of the site is surrounded by mid-rise buildings and plenty of Vegetation.

Client’s business plan appears to be addressed to Young couples and only. There are 10 apartments of 65 to 70 sq.m., 4 which of them are split in 2 levels (lofts). All properties have access to their own terraces in order to create plenty of natural light as well as privacy for an ideal living space. The flats on ground level have the advantage of a private garden, able to bring the outside into the inside. On the top floor, there is a shared/communal terrace for the tenants/residents to use for BBQ or party as well as a wellness room of 25 sq.m. for personal training.

Design philosophy

A clear structure of thick slabs and columns, creates a vertically layered building of interplay between openness. Glazing panels of high performance Low-e membranes and low U-value are applied in to the body skin as the basic efficient material in a carbon zero building. The extensive planted overhangs provide shade and reduce solar gain. Materials of excellent quality produce a structure that is both efficient and luxurious.

Project Details

LOCATION: Nea Filothei, Athens GR

AREA: 1200 sq.m.



IN ASSOCIATION WITH: Nikos Andrianopoulos