RESIDENTIAL HOUSE,  Panorama, Voula-Attica

Project Description

The project of House_V is not more than a personal project. The building is located in a land which belongs to our family and the subject was to design the future residence of my brother’s family.

The site’s location is in Panorama Voulas (southern of Athens) on a rocky slop, 150m above sea level and 2,5 km line distance from the coast. The orientation is north to south (sea view).

Design Philosophy

The basic requirement was to design an upside down space in terms of the usual functions of the common houses. In detail, this means that we locate the master bedroom and other bedrooms on the lower level and allocate the spaces with the common uses on the upper level so we can have the best panoramic view to the sea

Project Details

LOCATION: Voula, Attica GR

BUILD AREA: 300 sq.m.



CLIENT: A. Varvitsiotis