Learning Centres - Knowsley BSF

AwardsBCSE Industry Awards 2010 - Winner of Best Sports & Play Environment
Green Apple Award 2010
BCSE Industry Awards 2009 - Winners of Inspiring Design
BCSE Industry Awards 2009 -Commendation for Healthy Learning Environment

Project Description

Knowsley Building Schools for the Future (BSF) delivered 7 ground breaking state-of-the-art Centres for Learning aimed at wide scale local regeneration and community re-engagement through education.
The new learning centres create innovative design solutions to new education pedagogies and also provide outdoor spaces within the building envelope to enhance the indoor – outdoor teaching and learning experience. All the designs are based upon a common set of elements, integrating architecture structure and environment, each design of the new learning centres responds to the specific requirements of the proposed specialism.

The centres move away from the traditional school design becoming truly unique learning environments, which promote flexible and personalised approaches to teaching and learning. The design for each focuses around a central atrium with Homebases and specialist areas for science, sports and drama all flowing into it. The Homebase is composed of fully flexible spaces which can be partitioned off by use of retractable walls and curtains to allow a variety of teaching and learning styles to be accommodated within one place, increasing the adaptability and inclusivity of the building’s use. They are based on the principle of one space many uses, a concept which allows a form of learning that is more personalised to pupils needs and increases engagement between staff and pupils.

Each Centre for Learning is unique and this is most exemplified in the recognition and incorporation in the building design of each learning centre’s specialism. For example, Kirkby Sports College Centre for Learning has world class sports facilities in recognition and support of its specialist sports status. 

The resulting buildings are not only fit for purpose they are a source of pride for the wider community; welcoming and spacious learning facilities that will continue to stimulate and encourage learning far beyond their immediate premise. 

Project Details

LOCATION: Knowsley, Liverpool UK

AREA: 80,000 sq.m. (7 Learning Centres)



CLIENT: Balfour Beatty Construction Ltd

IN ASSOCIATION WITH: Aedas project team:Tony Langan, David Kelly, Robert Hopkins, Brian Deane,Chris Potter, Joe Stott, Amin Jazayeri, Corin Yarrow, Rob Barton, Ben Rigby, Rob Barton, Chris Crookes, Andrew Crawford, Martin Degnan, Kasif Rashid, Andrea Marigliano, John Kilgariff, Andrew Brown, Matt Ginnever, Jaclyn Wilkinson, William Li, Amany Zaki, Gladys Marr, Iza Gajny, Katia Beckmann, Marisca Mante, Rakesh Mistry.